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  • Genetics (monohybrid crosses only)
  • Evolution, variation and selection


Genetics studies how the passage of genetic information from one generation to the next one is carried out. And what can be transmitted from parents to offspring? Hair colour, leaf shape, grain size, height, number of stamen, seed shape, flower colour, blood groups, etc. that is , all the characteristics we see in organisms.

These are some good online courses to try (they are from the Khan Academy)

The genetic information is in the DNA, in fragments called "genes". So what are genes? A revision on genes

Genetics 101 Part 1: What are genes?: Find out about the basics of cells, chromosomes, and the genes contained in your DNA.

Phenotypes and genotypes

Genetics 101 Part 4: What are Phenotypes?: Discover how your observable traits, or phenotypes, are the result of interactions between your genes and environment.

Introduction to genetics

Introduction to Heredity: Heredity and Classical Genetics. Dominant and recessive traits. Heterozygous and homozygous genotypes.

sex-linked inheritance

Sex-Linked Traits: Chromosomal basis for gender. Sex-linked traits.

useful links:

Videos/animations heredity genetics rap song

Games to try using the Punnett grid


Evolution can be described as how organisms change through of time. Evolution is a very slow, complex mechanism and it is never linear. It is the way nature uses the "trial and error" approach. Several factors can influence how organisms evolve.

These are short courses from the Khan Academy introducing evolution and variation.

Variation in a Species: How variation can be introduced into a species.

Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection: Introduction to evolution, variation in a population and natural selection